Letter Writing

This week Rosebud has been learning to write a friendly letter.  She started off writing repetitive sentences, then her teacher nipped that in the bud.  Did I mention how much I love her school? 

I will you mom
I will you dad
I will you mom give me the let
I will you dad
I have a letter for mom
Dear mom have a letter for you
How I am fine we had a cear
for dad and mom to me and
Wan to the beach play in the water
Wen ad fun to today a time
In the pool take care today.
Fun summer and fun.
Fun g in the water.

It is interesting to read her writing.  Yes.  It is disjointed and odd, but if you read through you get the impression that she wants to play in the water.  So, in her own way, this letter conveys a meaning from her  to me.  Neat!

I think of those of you reading who think “if only my child could communicate like this…”  I understand the roller coaster ride of acceptance, sadness, resignation, joy, and gladness.  The struggle to find peace in letting her just be herself, yet wanting to understand her thoughts and be able to communicate with her and know that she understands you.

I remember the days when all her little friends were chattering away, talking my ear off about bugs, airplanes, lizards, Dora the Explorer and Elmo.  They talked about their new underpants and being big girls and peeing on the potty.  And  wanted to play tea parties and dollies.  I remember well, amd wanted that day to come for my girl too.
Well, patience (which I have very little) was grown in me.  I can proudly say thay at 8 years old Rosebud was finally potty trained!  At 9, she loves tea parties, pushing strollers with dollies, catches lizards like a pro, talks about Dora, and not so much Elmo, but  muppets in general.

And now she can write a “friendly letter”.

I hope this encourages you with your own girly girl…  These children are on their own time table.  You can push them, bit they will only move when they want to.


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