Sentences from Rosebud

More sentences from Rosebud’s schoolwork (Horizons Spelling, grade 1), showing her unusual language skills at 9 1/2 years old:

I will be queen.

I will be quiet.

I have a question.

I love to write

I will made cent

I love my cent

I will wait

These are fill in the blank sentences:

I am happy when I love my Job.

The little lad Is Clean.

The surprise gift was a present.

The children were joyful because I love joy.

The boy will throw The ball.

Three words were given in the word box.  The instructions were:  Use the words in a sentence.  Draw a picture.

I love my boy

I will nice

I wait toss

(no picture was drawn)

I will be kind

I love joyful

I love lass

(no picture drawn)

and last but not least:


I love my girl I will be happy I love my present


And the last thing on this page was the Bible Verse: Love is patient.  Love is kind.  1 Cor. 13:4  Write the verse.  Write something kind you can do.

I love to my job.  I will be nice to my girl.


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