1 in 88

The CDC released the figures of 1 in 88. 

Autism is an epidemic. 

Some agree, some do not. 

I hear this number and automatically think “that seems about right”.   We moms of children on the spectrum generally have, over the years, sought others like ourselves.  I was wondering, does your average Joe/Jane American come in contact with quite as many people on the spectrum?  Do they see Autism as an epidemic too?


Did you know that the figures released by the CDC say that 1 in 54 boys and 1 in 242 girls are affected with Autism?

Girly Autism is on the rise!  One girl in 242, wow!


Our girls are so unique, aren’t they?  Many of them do not quite have typical, textbook, classical, “spot it from a mile away” Autism.  Therapists I’ve spoken with tell me it is harder to pinpoint an Autism diagnosis in girls on many occasions.

My own Rosebud was clearly different as a toddler, but because of her social, gregarious nature, I had more than one professional tell me she did not have Autism.  I even had a school psychologist tell me she didn’t have Autism after a few minutes observation.  That same psychologist appologized to me after being with her 1 on 1 for testing.  “Yes, your daughter does have Autism”.

With 1 in 242 girls being diagnosed now, it is important for those of us with children blessed with Girly Autism to communicate with each other.  We may not always agree on things (vaccines, diet, therapy choices, etc.), but we all need to know that there are others out there like us.  Moms in the midst who need social, emotional, and sometimes real practical help from others who have been there!

I encourage my readers to post their favorite blogs, articles, and links in the comments section.  Many of you have passed along GirlyAutism to your friends and for that I thank you!  


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