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Restaurant Re-Do

Children playing behind thick glass windows? Almost like watching TV with the MUTE button on!

This morning was free chicken biscuit day at our FAVORITE ChickFilA here in town.  This is a fabulous thing – what a rare treat to take my 7 children to breakfast for free!  They enjoyed their breakfast immensely – several eating just the biscuit, several eating just the chicken, and some too excited about the indoor play-place to even consider eating!  What a great way to start my Friday.  [leftovers for lunch anyone?]

About 45 minutes of blissful peace later everyone got their shoes on and came to the table as we prepared to leave.  I took a moment to get refills on our drinks from the counter that was about 30 feet away.  As I was standing at the counter talking to the cashier I heard screaming and then a crash.  RoseBud was ‘playing’ with LittleTurkey and had grabbed his chair and flipped it backwards (thankfully he stood up before it flipped).  As he was attempting to right the upturned chair RoseBud forcefully pinned it to the floor with her feet.  LittleTurkey was screaming at the top of his almost 4 year old lungs in frustration.  Meanwhile RoseBud was blocking the entrance of the restaurant with her own chair and cackling with giddy delight.  Needless to say we left immediately.


Holy COW!

You can imagine the stares, whispers and everything else that goes along with rowdy kids in a restaurant.  I’m totally unphased by this attention at this point.  I am one person with two arms.  I can not control everything at all times.  My job is to train, and hope this will not happen next time.  My job is to control my response.  My job is to love my children even on their ornery days.

So my apologies go out to all of you at ChickFilA this morning.  You were attempting to enjoy your free chicken biscuit in peace when  an obnoxious set of children started screaming and fighting over a chair.  I will work on this at home and attempt to bring perfectly behaved, quiet, obedient children next week – on FREE Chicken Mini day!   But in case I can’t ‘fix’ her Autism and all the social deficiencies before then, maybe I could bring you some ear-plugs?

Thank you ChickFilA for a fabulous breakfast!