Rosebud’s Letter to Mom

Below is a full page hand written letter Rosebud wrote to me on Valentines Day 2012.  She was 9 1/2 years old, and working through her first grade English curriculum at school.

This may look like a bunch of jibberish-like nonsense to some, but to me this is the real Rosebud.  She talks like this a lot.  Her statements are teensy-tiny glimpses of things going on inside her head.  Sometimes I understand, but other times I don’t.  She almost never sticks around to answer any of my questions, so I am usually left guessing as to what she’s actually talking about.

Will she ever write stories that flow and make sense to the casual observer?  I’m not sure.  But I’ll love her just the same.


Daer mom I Love You in my home is Peter come to your home yes Ed will love your pet is a cat an come to a school and play a ball is red no I cant a cat can go to schooch yes I can pay in the slend no cat cant play toys no a cat can said I will jion the paper I special a cat come a plcases is done for something is not a book you may mail you note Love mom and dad.


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