The PB&J Tales

I stood watching my young children play on the playground from the sidewalk outside the fence.  BubbaBoy had fallen asleep in the van and from my vantage point I could glance over and make sure he was ok.  It was mid-February in sunny Florida, yet the sky was a deep dark grey with clouds of smoke rising from the west.  Ash fell like snowflakes reminding me how lucky we are to be away from the ice and snow of the frigid north.  The forest fire season was just coming upon us yet the smoke was far enough away to let the children play outdoors without fear of asthma attacks.

Rosebud was wandering aimlessly from one play area to another.  Chewing on her fingers, surveying the surroundings, avoiding the other children.  She headed over to the climbing structure that looks like a giant soccer ball made of bungee cords that her…

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