Princess and the Pixie

This is another Princess story.  Like previous stories, this may not make much sense because sometimes Princess’ anger and logic do not make much sense.   The royal family has to deal with Princess’s volatile behavior on a daily basis.

Princess sat admiring the view from the castle.  Her eyes drank in the scenery of a lovely summer day.  She sighed.  So pretty.

She spied a ball her little brother had carelessly left by the window sill.  “Boy – go get your toy!” she hollered as she chucked the ball across the room.  She smiled as her brother scurried after the ball muttering to himself in a huff.

The iridescent pixie flew in through the window.  She had been a friend to Princess for years, but lately had just become a nuisance.  Her voice was like thunder on a quiet summer night, and she used it to reprimand Princess incessantly.

“Princess!  You know better than to throw balls in the castle!”

Like a flash of lightning, Princess’ anger flared white-hot.  She was enraged that the pixie would reprimand her yet again, and especially when she was trying to enjoy herself.  Without a hint of hesitation she lobbed her goblet right in the pixies face!

The young princeling used this very distracted moment to throw the ball at the wall.  Just for fun.  Just because no one was paying attention. Just because he could.

“What are you doing?” the pixie thundered.  “Just because you saw Princess throwing a ball in the castle doesn’t mean you should too!  It is wrong and you shouldn’t do it!”

All of a sudden, a crystal bowl slammed against the wall, shattering into a thousand glittering shards.   “Stop talking about me!” Princess screamed as her hand grabbed the closest available object.  Before she knew what was happening, an axe was hurling through the air.  All was a blur of fury, shrieking, noise, and chaos.

The pixies iridescent wings fluttered like mad as she tried to escape the terror of Princess’s seemingly insane rage.  She flew into a small vase to wait out the tantrum.  As things smashed and shattered around her she decided to make a dash for the window.

Big mistake.

Princess grabbed ahold of those lovely iridescent wings, and held tight.  Frothing at the mouth, Princess screamed at her, the force of the rage nearly ripped those wings right off of her body!

The pixie escaped the grasp of Princess with ripped and damaged wings.  Pain and anger accompanied her as she flew away, never to be heard from again.


One thought on “Princess and the Pixie

  1. Hugs sweetie, I know this story. God bless and keep you and your children and may Christ’s healing hand be laid up them. And may Christ’s healing hand stay upon you mama – you need HIS strength. Christy – Amy’s mom

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