Handwritten Address

I’ve been waiting to hear from the folks at the Hospital.  RoseBud had her 3 day Video EEG a few weeks back.  The seizure alert alarm went off a few times, but they assured me that it was equipment issues, not seizures.

I hold in my hand an envelope from the hospital.  It has a hand written address:  To the Parents of RoseBud.

Before I open it, I will take a moment to breathe in, breathe out.  I know that if she had no seizures it will be good, and expected, news.  It will also be puzzling news:  why did she start having seizures again through March, only to have them end just before the video monitoring?  I don’t know and I just thank God that she is off the seizure medications and having no sign of seizure activity.

I pick up the envelope.  It is light, thin.  I rip it open.  And read the following letter:

Dear Dr.X: Your patient Rosebud was monitored again, and again her EEG was normal and we recorded none of her more pronounced episodes.  As I mentioned before, I recommend she remain off antiepileptic drugs at this time.

Nothing else.  The letter we received after a three hour drive, three days in the hospital, and a $2000 deductable and 3 days of video and brain wave recording was two sentences long.

I now remember the look the doctor gave me the last day of recording.  One word describes it:  condescending.  I am choosing not to be irked and annoyed at both the doctor and the seizures themselves.  I never have to see either one of them again (I’m praying towards that end, anyway).

So.  That’s that.  No more medication, no more seizures.  If she starts having them again I should ignore them until they start interfering with her every day activities or she gets hurt.

It would be fabulous if RoseBud never ever ever has another seizure.  If she never had to go on another mind altering drug to stop her brain from mis-firing.  For now, I remain that she is healed.  Thank you Lord!


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