No More Seizures!

nervous habit

You might recall that as of December, RoseBud was not on any anti-seizure medications.  For some reason (my belief that it was purely the goodness of our God), her incredibly bad flurry of seizures was over.  No more staring spells, no more dropping to the floor and not being able to walk for a few hours.  No more trips by ambulance to the hospital for grand mal seizures.

Seizures – completely gone.

That is, until a 103 fever popped up in February.  Then I started seeing a few little staring spells.  Nothing major.  Then there were the two drop seizures.  After the second one I contacted the neurologist and he got us in to the General Hospital for a 72 hour video EEG (again).

This is what RoseBud looked like after the 3 hour drive.  She looked incredibly nervous, was not talking at all, when I asked her if she was scared she said “NO”, and when I asked her if she was happy to be at the hospital she said “YES!”

Rosalie and her Goldie Dog

After 72 hours of sleep deprivation (we did sleep a bit, but not enough!) and endless conversations about when “Molly”, her autism/seizure response dog was coming (20, 19 then 18 days!), playing dominos and ‘keep the balloon off the floor’, coloring, puzzles, watching Snow White and endless episodes of ICarly and Spongebob, we headed home.  Not one single seizure.  Not one single staring episode.

The epileptologist sent us home saying that RoseBud has a healthy brain and that we should not treat her seizures with medication.  If she does have seizures that start interfering with her daily school or play then we can re-visit the medication issue.  But until then we will just pray that her brain will be safe from harm if she ever has another string of really big bad seizures like she did back in November 2010.

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Dear Lord,

As frustrated as I am in having traveled 3 hours from home for 4 days, having to be cooped up with RoseBud bouncing off the walls driving me crazy, having to get babysitters and rely on things running smoothly in my absence…and of course having NO SEIZURES on the monitors…  As frustrating as all that was, Lord, I will praise you.  Because you have chosen to let RoseBud’s brain not have seizures for this time in her life.  You have allowed us to get her off the medications that she was on for 7 years.  You have kept her safe through all of this.  She will soon have her service dog, which will be a faithful companion to help her through rough times.  You see to her needs each day and give me hope.  Hope that she will come to know you as a personal God – the Creator of the Universe that has loved her from before she was in the womb.  Hope that she will know the joy that comes from loving you and knowing that you are with her at all times.   Help me see the good in her – focus on the truly beautiful aspects of her inner person.  In Jesus name I pray, Amen!


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