Another FIRST!

Copying the spelling list

Lets face it.  When we talk about our girls with Autism or autistic-like disorders, we immediately think of them as they are, beautiful, sweet, funny laugh, quirky.  Then if we keep thinking we usually come up with a laundry list of ways that they are different from their peers.  OK, so maybe it’s just me.  When I think about assigning chores or asking someone to help me with x, y or z, I can guarantee you that out of my 7 children, my dear sweet toddler Bubba, and RoseBud are the very last on the list.  Followed very closely by JuneBug if she is in a ‘mood’.

It seems that I actually have to keep reminding myself of all the good, all the progress, all the accomplishments RoseBud has had in her 8 years of life.

Same list on test day!

Today was a first!

After 3 years in pre-school, 2 years in the autistic classroom at public school, and a half of a year in an extremely small special needs class at her current school… RoseBud had an actual ACADEMIC lesson in the “normal”, “regular”, (oops, that’s not PC!) I mean ‘neurotypical’ first grade classroom!  And, GASP, it was a MATH lesson!!!


I feel like throwing a PARTY!!!

Let’s bust out the hats, horns, confetti and bake a 17 layer chocolate cake with green icing (because of course green is RoseBud’s favorite color!)

Whew.  Never mind – I’m exhausted just thinking about that!

A note from the teacher: "RoseBud did this with NO HELP. She is working so hard!"

RoseBud was so excited that she got to join NinjaBoy (her little brother by 20 months) in the first grade classroom with all the ‘big kids’ (RoseBud doesn’t ‘get’ that she is older than they are by a year or two).  She was officially labelled as a second grader in the public school.  But being in the autism classroom, she had her own curriculum and worked at her own pace.

She has been doing regular first grade work all year at her new private Christian school .  She may take a little longer to ‘get’ some of the concepts, but she is trying so hard!  She hated school last year and refused to do her work.  This school is fabulous.  Even though I’m sure this is not something they will do on a regular basis it gave me a boost of joy over the thought that she is progressing, really progressing!

RoseBud said "I made this for you mom!!! It's a person and a boot!"

In all reality, my biggest joy this year besides Rosebud being included in an academic session at school, was the day when I heard her pray before dinner.  For the first time ever.  And this is one thing that the school has been teaching RoseBud – Jesus hears us, knows us, see’s our uglies and loves us no matter what.  They teach the Bible every day, and good Christian morals/character traits are encouraged and expected from every student.

Dear Lord,

I thank you so much for the little things.  It is so hard to remember to focus on the good stuff.  Some days I get bogged down in my own little world of worry and stress and I see nothing but negative.  Please remind me to look for the good.  Man that was quick – God you are amazing!  I am just now reminded of that verse in Philippians 4 verse 8 “Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.”  You really know how to answer a prayer!  Anyway, thanks for giving RoseBud the opportunity to sit in with the typical first graders.  Please bless her with a maturity that I know will only come from YOU!  Help her learn, grow and get to know you better.  And please Lord, would you help me figure out why she has regressed in her potty training?  And please keep the seizures from getting worse again.  Thanks SO much, in Jesus name I pray, Amen!


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