“Baby Dillo”

Yesterday Rosalie and I were driving by the super secure military site nearby.  I saw movement on the side of the road.  Upon closer investigation, I realized that it was a real live cutie pie armadillo baby snuffling around the exterior of the chain link fence.

The only way we see armadillos in daylight is like this one - roadkill!

I made the comment, more to myself than anyone else “Awwww… a LIVE baby armadillo!”  I then explained that the little itty bitty armadillo was alive (as opposed to dead in the road), and that it was sniffing around the outside of the fence.  Armadillos are nocturnal, and nearly blind.  And stupid.  Hence the roadkill factor.  We never see them, even though they are prolific here in our part of the state.

A minute of silence.

Rosalie piped up:  “We go take a baby dillo to Mommy?”

And with my “you mean you want us to take the baby armadillo to his mommy?” response Rosalie got so excited!  She was thrilled that I understood what she meant.

I love Rosalie – she tries so hard to express herself.  She gets SUPER excited when I rephrase her response or question correctly (see the ‘bats’ post).  She still can’t repeat it accurately, but she tries!


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