Long time, no blog…

I have not blogged in quite a while, consequently you might be wondering what happened after all of Rosalie’s tests and hospital stays.  So sorry to keep you hanging.

Rosalie is doing well right now.  After having one video EEG in Tampa for 5 days, she had a second 5 day video EEG in Orlando.  Neither one showed any seizure activity.  She simply stopped having any type of seizure-like activity at all!  With her neurologist’s approval, I weaned her off her anti-seizure medications.  That was 2 months ago, and she has been seizure free since!

Happy new year – a few weeks late!



One thought on “Long time, no blog…

  1. That is so awesome honey. I’m so happy for you guys. We had to add on a 3rd antiepileptic after Amy’s VEEG in November. We still don’t have control. We also have the VNS. How goes the dog? Sheltie is laying here with Amy now, she had some vomiting and seizures from about 8 to 9 and the dog never left us. Hugs and prayers your kids stay healthy!! Christy mom to Amy

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