Missing my eldest

Today I was thinking about my eldest daughter JuneBug.  A few funny thoughts ran through my head.  First was the time she was listening to the radio (a Christian radio station that is “Safe for the Little Ears”) and heard the announcer say “we’re here for you in your time of need, so reach for the “hope” button on your radio”.  JuneBug, after hearing this over and over for the last 11 years, turned to me and asked “Mom, where is the “HOPE” button on our radio?”  I then explained to her that there really wasn’t a physical button on the radio, but that the button that I push that turns the station to the “zradio station” is the button they were talking about.

Then there was a few days ago when she said “Mom, what’s a sweet tooth?” and I explained that it is when someone craves sugary foods.  She said “Oh, I thought it was a tooth that hurt when you ate sweet foods.”

I love JuneBug.  She’s so inquisitive and I’m so glad that she opens up to me and asks me these questions.  She will be 13 next month – the start of teenager years.  I just pray that she will continue to be open and honest with me.


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