Eight Years Ago Today

Eight years ago today we were exactly where we are today.

The eighth floor of the hospital.

Me and Rosalie.  She hooked to monitors, I in the room with her – watching her like a hawk.

After our trip to the emergency room on 10/30/10, which you can read about here, we went back to grandma’s house.  Rosalie rested up a bit, then had another full out drop to the floor generalized seizure.  Because she continued to have seizures (staring spells, etc.) I called the neurologist again.  He prescribed Diastat, a rescue medication that is supposed to stop seizures immediately.  I had to use it, and the seizures settled down.

I went to pick up the children from the sitter’s house (thanks Auntie E!), then took the kids home and tucked them all in to bed.  Rosalie and I curled up together in the bed, exhausted beyond words!

Round about 1:45 in the morning on 10/31/10 Rosalie woke me up by slamming her leg into me over and over and over.  I shoved her leg off me, and skooched away from her.  But even in my sleep deprived state a little voice was telling me that there was something just not right.  I sat up and tried to get Rosalie to stop slamming her legs into the bed.  That’s when I realized she was having a full blown seizure.  After a few minutes, I got up and turned the light on.  She continued to seize so I went out and got the Diastat.  I called the neurologist on call service and then gave her the Diastat.  As soon as I started giving it to her, she started into the tonic seizure – when her whole body goes stiff.    It took another 4 minutes to get the seizure to resolve and the vomiting to start.  She had a few partial seizures (where a foot went stiff) before the ambulance got there.

Rosalie was admitted to the hospital after a long, uneventful stay in the ER.  We got to her room and were back asleep by 6:45am.

The pediatrician came to visit us a few hours later.  It was like deja vu!  The exact same pediatrician who monitored Rosalie eight years ago.  Then the neurologist came to visit.  We talked of things in general, there were no answers.  Everything was an “I don’t know” answer.  I hate that.  Give me something…anything.

About an hour later, they wheeled Rosalie down to get a video EEG machine hooked up to her.  She was still having tons of partial seizures or absence seizures or something – staring spells.

Within 3 hours of putting the mummy headdress on, Rosalie had fallen asleep and come out of her sleep into a cluster of seizures that lasted around 35 minutes.  The entire thing was on the EEG and video.  I documented, and the nurse documented, everything that happened.  For the first time in her life, Rosalie’s seizures were captured on an EEG!  All the other EEG’s showed possible seizure focal points, sharps and waves and slowing…but never an actual seizure.  The seizures did not cause decreased oxygen, so we let it run it’s course until she started throwing up.  Then the nurse administered an emergency medication.  Even with that, she had several partial seizures afterwards.  She was dopey and had slurred speech for a few hours but now she’s happy and bubbly.

So we’re heading off to bed for our first full day at the hospital.  I know that the EEG already did it’s job.  I will be at peace tonight – I’ve got several sets of eyes that are watching over Rosalie so I can sleep.


2 thoughts on “Eight Years Ago Today

  1. Cat, I’m very sorry to hear that Rosalie is in hospital, these seizures sound very, very scary – Sending lots of positive thoughts your way!!
    I guess this is just one more reason for the ‘goldie dog’, eh?

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