Labs…and not the doggie kind!

This has been such a week!

First was a blood draw for both RoseBud and Koko. If you watch the video, you will see that I toted my 3 preschoolers along on this trip to the lab. So that’s 5 children waiting an hour in a waiting room. They actually did great, except for when LittleTurkey leaned back in his chair and fell over backwards, and when he and Bubba kept getting ornery and fighting over the little red chairs. When we arrived the tv was on a news channel – boring! – the kids were bouncing all over the place. When I turned on Dora the Explorer on Nick Jr. they settled down for the most part.

A few days later I had to take RoseBud back for another blood draw – this time 5 large vials, and 4 small vials of blood were filled and sent off for testing. That was only a 45 minute wait. She did fantastic, by the way! What a trooper!

But this morning takes the cake…JuneBug needed fasting bloodwork. We got to the lab at 10:10am (she is a late riser!) and did not get out of there until 11:50! Whew am I glad I had a sitter!!! Because on this day there was standing room only in the lab, JuneBud was so nervous, tired, cold and hungry that she was leaning on me the whole time.

RoseBud waiting in the doctors office lobby:

Our Goldie dog's momma, Nora

I can’t wait to get our REAL lab – our service dog. That will help keep anxieties at bay, be a soft warm thing to lean on, and be a great distraction!


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