Happy Birthday to Cousin Shania

Aaron, Auntie E and Rosalie

It was Shania’s birthday and Aunt Cathleen, Rosalie and Aaron helped make it a SURPRISE party by taking Shania out while her mom got everything ready.  Shania came in first and everyone yelled “Surprise!”  Rosalie came in and showed everyone her new stuffed ‘Mazin Hamster.  Then she realized there were decorations and a bunch of people.

“This a birthday party?” Rosalie asked.

“Yes, Rosalie, it IS a birthday party!”  Auntie E said excitedly.

“Whose birthday is it?”

“It’s Shania’s birthday!” Auntie E said excitedly.

“It’s Shania’s birthday? Happy Birthday Shania!”  Rosalie said as she turned and gave Cousin Shania a big birthday hug!

Rosalie spent the whole afternoon at the party calling everyone “Girl” as in “Hey Girl!  You play me?”

At one point during this party one of the girls was goofing off with a pair of crutches and pretended to fall over dramatically and ‘play dead’.  Rosalie ran over and said “Girl, are you ok?”. Then she started laughing when she realized that the girl was faking and said “The girl fall down!”

Showing off the Mazin Hamster to Shania

Smart Cookie!


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