Full speed ahead, seizures or not!

Just a follow up to yesterday’s post about Rosalie’s seizures.

She had another seizure today at school. Two days in a row. This is totally unusual for her – as is a whole week of seizures that range from debilitating to mildly annoying (staring spells several times an hour).

I called the hospital and they just happened to have an opening in the EEG lab tomorrow morning at 8am! So she is going in at 8am to get the EEG leads glued to her head and then she will be wrapped up and sent home.

There was supposed to be an interview for the central Florida newspaper “Florida Today” this afternoon. There was a tropical depression dumping buckets of rain on us today so we postponed the interview until tomorrow when it is supposed to be sunny. Of course, at the time when it was rescheduled, I had no idea Rosalie was going to have another seizure at school, OR that the EEG lab could fit us in tomorrow morning.

So when I post the link to the Florida Today article, you might just see a picture of Rosalie with her head wrapped up in gauze to secure the leads/wires. She may even be sporting a bright pink fuzzy hat on her head too!

Life is all about surprises these days!!!


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