Care Bears

Does anyone remember back in the 80’s when the Care Bears arrived on the scene?  Well, they made a bit of a comeback recently.  My children got to watch a Care Bear movie on Netflix.  They were estatic… when they were done, they ran around the house yelling “Bedtime, come here – Sunshine, where are you?  Cheer Bear wants you!”

Rosalie (8 in a few days) is the ring-leader in all this pretend play.  She goes through the house yawning and saying “I’m tired”  Bedtime bear is apparently her favorite – blue with the moon and stars on it’s belly.  Sunshine, which is really named “Funshine” is yellow with a sun on it’s belly (Daniel-6 years old- pretends to be Sunshine) and Evelyn (4) likes to be Cheer bear, who has a rainbow on his tummy.  Peter just runs around mimicking what everyone else is doing and they call him Grumpy Bear.

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Yes, autistic individuals have difficulty in pretend play.  But they CAN do it.   Rosalie imitates exact scenes in the movie.  Daniel and Evelyn improvise, but Rosalie likes it because she loves being the center of attention.


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