“Hey Mom, do you know what BBF means?” asked JuneBug this afternoon in the car.

“No, I don’t.  But I thought it was BFF.”

“No, BBF.  It means Best Buddies Forever.  I’m BBF’s with ‘Callissa’ and Ben.” she said with an exuberance that made me smile.

“Oh really?  Ben and Calista – there’s a T in her name.  Ca-lis-TA.  That’s fabulous.  I’m so proud that you are taking care of them and teaching them good things.” I said, remembering that these two children are both 6ish years old.  I am guilty of continually correcting the mispronunciations in her speech.

She just beamed.

JuneBug is one of the most loving and kind girls I have ever met.  She tends to get confused when playing the ‘older kid’ games on the playground – like when the boys fake throw the ball, the girls run away squealing, then everyone zips off to play something else non-structured.  Not understanding the rules, the commotion, the chitter-chatter that flies back and forth between just turned teenaged girls and boys.  In that arena she is lost.  However, she tends to be a leader and a role model for the young children on the playground.  She likes playing the simple games with them that everyone enjoys.  Red light, green light.  Mother may I.  Other games with simple, very concrete rules.  She gets the benefit of being looked up to and loved by the littler children, and they get the benefit of a ‘cool’ older girl to play with.

I love her school so much.  It is a very small private Christian school that encourages the older children to be responsible and role models for the younger ones.  They sit with younger students at lunch and help them when they need help, being ‘in charge’ for clean up time, and pretty much taking care of things.  The teachers never, ever let the older ones boss the younger ones around – and they don’t let the younger ones get annoying to the older ones either.  Kindness and generosity are encouraged and expected.  Adults are always monitoring the interactions, leading the children into good behavior.

God has blessed me with a beautiful, caring, servant hearted daughter.  He has blessed her with the kind of personality that younger children want to be around.  She has difficulties, but has found great ways to work around them.  If you haven’t yet, read my post about JuneBug donating her hair to Wigs For Kids!

Dear Lord,

Thank you for giving me a beautiful hearted, kind daughter.  I know she has her moments, but with your guidance and insight she is working on her issues.  Her concrete thinking used to be a hindrance to her recess time and you have blessed her with a school where she can get past that.  Thank you for caring about all of her – her heart, her mind, her spirit.  Thank you for loving her so much.



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