What?!!! Not again…

Again with the scissors!

I’ve got two children that are stealthy and ‘busy’.

One is Peter. The infamous Peter. The one who took the vacuum cleaner apart with a fork at 2 years old, who drew all over the house with Sharpies, who has been to the ER for battery removal (ack! don’t ask).

The other is Rosalie. The one who painted my walls (many times) with fingernail polish, who cut up all the stuffed animals, and who used to stuff things in her ears and nose (I’m sure thankful that stage is over).

Upon returning home yesterday I saw three inch long piece of dark hair laying on the floor. UH OH. Who’s hair is it, I wondered. It didn’t take long to figure out it was Peter’s hair. But it was on the back of his head where he couldn’t reach. Here’s how the questioning went:

Me: “Did you cut your hair?”

Peter: shakes his head no.

Me: “Who cut your hair?”

Peter: “uh-a-uhee” [did I mention he’s got some speech issues?]

Me: “Rosalie cut your hair?”

Rosalie pipes in: “I cut Peter hair”

Me: “Rosalie?! Why did you cut Peter’s hair???”

Rosalie: “I cut Peter hair”

Peter: “uh-a-uhee ut uh air”

Me: “Rosalie cut your hair? Why did you let her cut your hair?”

Rosalie: “Peter hair long. I cut Peter hair!”

**sigh** This is a pointless conversation. So this is where I just cut to the chase:

Me: “Where are the scissors?”

Peter: “In uh-a-uhee oom”

Me: “Rosalie, are the scissors still in your room? Go get them.”

Evelyn (4 years old): “Here they are mommy, they were on Rosalie’s bed and there is lots of stuff ALL OVER Rosalie’s floor that Rosalie cut up…” [did I mention Evelyn does NOT have speech delays?]

Me: “..OK, thank you Evelyn… Rosalie, look at me – no look at ME – look at ME Rosalie. In the eyes please. NO SCISSORS. You may NOT cut Peter’s hair. NO SCISSORS. Do you  understand me?”

Rosalie: “yes”

Me: “what did I say?”

Rosalie: “scissors”

Me: “What about scissors? Are you allowed to cut Peter’s hair?”

Rosalie: “No. I not cut Peter hair any more”.

Me: “Good”

I’ve had this same conversation over and over and over throughout the years. Same scenario, different child.

The funny part about this whole thing is that Rosalie overheard me talking about getting Peter’s hair cut just a few days before that. She was just trying to be helpful.


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