Goodbye Joni and Friends

This morning we left behind the new friends we have made at the Joni and Friends Family Retreat.  Several things happened to note this morning. 

Julianna has been fabulous all week.  She has had a STM, short term missionary, or two with her each day to help her when she needs help.  To go with her to refill her drink.  To help escort her to unfamilliar places.  To tell her exactly what was going to happen next.  Well, this morning she didn’t have her STM with her while we were packing up our car.  She ended up having a meltdown over Rosalie spilling bubble juice on her shoe.  Her buddy saw her crying and went over to her.  She gave her a hug, washed and dried her shoe and gave her much more empathy than I have to give.  It was wonderful.  That concern and grace of God shown to Julianna was exactly what she needed to feel loved and understood.  The meltdown was extinguished with the love of Jesus.

Then after loading the car it was time for the closing ceremony.  After an hour of napping on and off -Rosalie was sitting on her STMs lap…when the floodgates opened.  Rosalie apparently hadn’t gone potty since last night.  She soaked her capris and I had to lead her out of the sanctuary to the bathroom.  There was absolitely no mistaking what had happened because her light green capris had a very distinct dark green pattern of SOAKING down the inside of both legs. I took off her shoes and pee just poured out of them.  Luckily her bag was right on top in the back of the van so her clothes were easily accessable.  When we walked back into the sanctuary, there were many smiles of encouragement, but also knowing smiles of mommas who have been there, done that many times before.

For me, Gods love was just what I needed, right when I needed it most!


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