Vacation Time!

Well, tomorrow we leave on a 2 week vacation.

As wonderful as it sounds, there are always struggles on vacation.  Not to mention the fact that there are 7 children, 2 adults and one tired momma who is packing it all and making sure we have what we need for this trip.

Our first stop will be in Gatlinburg, TN.  We will be enjoying a family reunion of sorts, with my sisters and their families.  We will be in a 2 bedroom condo, next door to our relatives.  There will be lots of pool-time, walking the shopping strip, nature trails, etc.  I’m so glad that Rosalie loves the water.  And Julianna likes swimming to a point – no splashing, no unexpected stuff, and no wet clothing.  And drying off with a completely dry towel is a must, and there must not be any moisture on her when she goes to get dressed.

My girls love to see new things and get out there to enjoy it all.  The problem comes when they get overwhelmed when we are actually out and about.  Neither one of them will tell me with accurate words that they are overstimulated.

Julianna gets clingy.  To the point of H-A-N-G-I-N-G on me.  Velcro kid.  Which, if she were a little one, wouldn’t be so bad, but when you have a 5′ 1″ 12 year old climbing up you to be held – that’s a bit overboard.  She gets less able to control her impulsiveness, and tries to manipulate the conversations and play.  She usually gets overly silly to the point where EVERYONE gets annoyed.  After about 15 times of telling her to stop, we end up hurting her feelings by getting extremely angry with her and yelling at her to STOP.  People don’t like it when you invade their space or you flick their hair over and over.  They don’t like it when you try to control the topic of conversation and then pout when they choose to talk to someone else instead of you.  Or when you butt into everyones conversations or get between the people who are talking and intrude on purpose.  They don’t like it when you say silly words just to hear yourself talk, then cackle at the top of your lungs.  They get really annoyed when you are ‘just playing’ and hurt them (seemingly on purpose).

Rosalie also gets impulsive, but more in a ‘let me poke you, put my fingers in your face, or blow in your face’ kind of way.  She will also do her squealing and repetitive questioning.  About the 100th time she asks “we go home now?”
you know she is D-O-N-E.  Especially when you tell her no and she starts screaming and crying hysterically.

Lord, you know my children.  You know that even the others that aren’t ‘special needs’ have difficulty with transitions during vacation.  You know how they get their hearts set on one thing and end up getting SO dissapointed when it doesn’t happen.  My prayer for these two children in particular is that you would help them manage the stress of vacation.  Help them enjoy themselves.  Thank you that you have given us this time together and I pray that you would bless us by helping us grow closer. Please heal Rosalie’s excema, and let it not get any worse with the chlorine.  Please prevent the exhaustion from causing horrible seizures.  Protect us from injuries/accidents during the trip and while driving. ~Amen


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