Makin’ Apple Juice

“How do you know when the AD/HD medications are working?” I asked the doctor as he was writing the prescription for a new non-stimulant AD/HD medication.

This week I found out.

This summer Rosalie has had the attention span of a golden retriever in a squirrel farm.  It’s just been so hard this summer – we can not use stimulant medications (Ritilin/Adderall) because they cause seizures.  Her hyperactivity, well, lets just say that the Energizer Bunny on speed wouldn’t be able to keep up with her.  And the impulsiveness.  Yikes.  Triple joy.  Not.

A few days ago Rosalie asked to go play in the kiddie pool out in the back yard.   It only has an inch or two of water in it, so hey, why not.  I couldn’t really watch her like I would if it was full so I was quite happy when she went outside and was quietly playing by herself.  She was happy.  As time passed, I was a bit concerned so kept going to peek on her. There she was happily playing by herself.

She was taking water from the pool, lining the cups up on the arm of the chair, and filling the cups.  Then pouring the water back into the pitcher and repeating.  And when the water had pretty much all splashed out of the cups, she ran back to the pool and refilled the little pitcher.  Over and over and over.  By the time this activity ended (I called her in for dinner) she had been outside for TWO and a HALF hours!  Playing with the water and cups!  I took this video about 1/2 hour before calling her in for dinner.

The next day – same thing.  I thought “Wow, maybe this isn’t a fluke!  Maybe the new meds are working!”  So I sent her to grandma’s house to see if grandma would notice a difference.  OH YEAH, she noticed a HUGE difference.  Rosalie spent HOURS playing Bingo.  HOURS.  OK, now is there such a thing as too much focus?

You know, come to think of it, I haven’t seen Rosalie this happy in months!  I mean, she is genuinely having a fabulous time and just loving every minute of being by herself.  She has been so cantankerous lately and pushing everyones buttons.  It is so lovely to see her so happy!

Thank you Lord for letting me see joy on Rosalie’s face again.  Thank you for giving us a reprieve from the daily fits and anger that we were seeing.  Thank you that she doesn’t refuse her medications, and that they have proven to work SO significantly!  I can not thank you enough for this blessing in Rosalie’s life and in mine.  It is a true blessing for the entire family, as Rosalie isn’t as ornery right now.  I pray for this medication to continue to work.  Thank you that the medication doesn’t encourage seizure activity.  Thank you for loving her (and our family) so much!  ~Amen


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