Headphone Etiquette

Julianna is totally in love with songs.  She loves singing them, listening to them, and playing them while writing the words out.  She searches for her favorite songs on YouTube and watches the videos.  Her current favorite is Casting Crowns “Praise you in this Storm”.  She listens to contemporary Christian for the most part on z88.3 (www.zradio.com).

In this video clip, she is singing “I could sing of your love forever”.  A great worship song!

I’ve had to teach her headphone manners.  She doesn’t understand how loudly she is singing with the headphones on.  I took a video but the audio portion is terrible.  She was actually singing very quitely in this video… for once.  After taking this video I explained to her that no matter how beautiful your singing is, it is rude to sing at the top of your lungs while listening to headphones.  It intrudes on other people’s conversations and thoughts.  She responded “but I like to sing, it makes me happy”.  That is not the point.  I agree, I like to sing and it makes me happy too, but it is rude to sing at the top of your lungs when others are being interrupted by it.

She didn’t understand.  She doesn’t ‘get’ other people’s perspective.  She kept going back to how wonderful it made her feel.

I just had to make a rule.  You may sing or hum quietly, but if someone asks you to stop you must respect their wishes.  You can go somewhere else and sing or you can stop.  But either way you must respect those around you.

It doesn’t matter what I tell her, she is going to argue with me next time I quote the rule.  She’s going to get frustrated with others when they ask her to stop singing.

This is just part of our life together.  I’m trying to teach her the subtle rules of courtesy and proper etiquette.  She has learned much so far, but has a long way to go.

Thank you Lord that you have given me a daughter who loves you, who loves to sing, and who chooses wholesome songs when there is so much garbage out there to choose from! -Amen


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