scissors… again!

Rosalie has been so fantastic the last few days.

Her  AD/HD isn’t much of a problem.  The new meds are working fabulously.  So I put her in her room for naptime and told her she could play as long as she was quiet.  90 minutes later I told her she could come out.  She played in the kiddie pool, then went to spend the night with Grandma.

Then I walked into her bedroom.

Plugged into the wall were the 2 a/c adapters that go to the Leapsters.  Both were cut clean through.  Still plugged into the wall.  I pulled them out of the sockets, turned around and said “I don’t even want to know what else she destroyed”.  It’s a wonder she wasn’t electrocuted.

She JUST started this fascinating scissor cutting thing.  April was about when it started.  First it was cutting up her monkey at grandma’s house – she cut it’s poor ears, tail and arms off.  Then it was random clothing and stuffed animals in her room.  Then on and on we’ve gone until this – electrical cords!

“Why don’t you just put the scissors away where she can’t reach them?” you ask?  Well, mainly because she shares a room with Julianna, who loves crafty stuff and sneaks and gets the scissors, sharpie markers, and whatever else she decides to use, and takes them into her room.  Then she promptly forgets about them.  Walks off.  Markers on the floor, scissors – staplers – glue – you name it – all just left on the floor for everyone to get into.

I called Grandma to warn her that she was cutting things today.  Grandma said how wonderfully behaved she is being – no AD/HD distractibility at all today!

Dear Lord,

Thank you for the light at the end of the tunnel – the new AD/HD meds seem to be starting to work.  Thank you that it’s not just me that has noticed the change.  Sometimes I feel as if I’m the only one paying attention – but I don’t really know if I can handle that level of responsibility.  Please help me figure a way to keep her safe from the scissors.  Please help her to understand the dangers of sticking metal things around the electric sockets.  Please Lord, can you help get Rosalie’s AD/HD meds cleared through insurance so I won’t have a delay in getting them – we’re leaving for vacation and I don’t want to see her regress!



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