Perseveration and Screaming

Main Entry: per·sev·er·a·tion

Etymology: Latin perseveration-, perseveratio, from perseverare

: continuation of something (as repetition of a word) usually to an exceptional degree or beyond a desired point

“Rosalie, what are you doing?”
“Can I play Wii Rosalie Ponytail Yoshi, HMMM?”
“Rosalie, I was asking you a questio…
“I play Rosalie Ponytail Yoshi, HMMM?”
..n – I’m talking, please don’t talk when I’m talking”
“I play Rosalie Ponytail Yoshi?”

*sigh* I give up

The perseveration is getting pretty bad.  She will literally ask me 5 times in a row,

“I go outside now?”


“I go outside now?”

NO, it’s time to eat.

“I go outside now?”

Rosalie what did I say?


No, I said it’s time to eat, we are not going outside now.

…then the screaming commences…

Here’s a snippet that shows you the scream.  She is not perseverating and screaming.  She is supposed to be getting dressed.  Instead of drying off with a towel she decided to swing her towel around that threw her pants onto the wet floor.  Too bad.  She’d had three seperate pairs of pants that day because she changes out of every single pair of pants that get remotely wet.  I would not let her get a new, dry pair.

I have to admit, in this video I was being a severe dictator – not my normal self.  I’d had enough of the screaming, I had a headache, and she was stretching me to my outermost limits.  So when you see this, please don’t think I’m always this harsh and mean.  It just goes to show you that even when we Christian mom’s of special children get overwhelmed, we aren’t perfect.  We’re just hangin’ on and trying to keep it together like the rest of the world.  But the fabulous thing is that after this incident, I prayed for peace and that my headache would go away.  And what do you know – Rosalie came out of that bathroom fully dried and dressed!  And my headache did go away eventually.


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