Rosalie has a new (or should I say a ‘resurrected’) habit.  She is constantly blowing on me.  Quite frequently she will walk up to me and blow right in my eyes.  Just one of those autistic quirks. I think she uses it to say “go away”, “I’m happy”, “I’m mad”, and a whole host of other things.  When in doubt, blow on someone.  I have to admit that it is very annoying, but I understand.  She has huge language issues and when she can’t find the right word she sometimes doesn’t even try.

(this was while being prepared for an EEG June 20)

Rosalie sat perfectly still for 90 minutes so that the EEG could be glued to her head yesterday.  Today we went and she was still UNTIL he started washing her head off with a wash rag.   The end of the rag splashed water on her arm and she about hit the ceiling! She was NOT happy.  Not at all!  Ahhh, the joys of sensory defensiveness….  Meanwhile, she had to have her hair washed 4 times today and I’m still not sure if I got all the goo out of her hair from the EEG!


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