Another seizure…

Well, I thought that the tonic seizures were over.  Really, I did!  The doc said her MRI, EEG and bloodwork looked fine and he thought the ADHD meds she took back in April were the trigger and they would not occur any more.  They were about 3 times a month in April/May/June, but she only had one in July and it’s the 20th, so I was becoming hopeful…

Today we went to the park before it got blazing hot to play a little tennis.  I really forced Rosalie to drink – lots and lots.  Then we had juicy apples in the car.  After lunch I told everyone to go lay down.   I made a point to make sure she went to the bathroom, then to her bed.  She fell asleep, but 45 minutes later was up changing her pants.  She had pee’d the bed.  I thought that was odd, because yes at night she will do that, but never during the day.  Well, when she came out of her room I realized that she was tipping over when she was walking and stumbling too.  She had a hard time controling her muscles.  I asked her if she had a seizure and she said YES!  That she had one when she was in bed, and that is why she lost bladder control.

I took a few videos but you have to look closely to see her odd balance and coordination issues.

And after 2 more hours she has pretty much regained all balance.  I will keep an eye on her tonight to make sure she doesn’t have any grand mal seizures.


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