The first part of the GARS-2

Gilliam Autism Rating Scale – 2

Summary/Response Booklet completed when Rosalie was 5 years old.  These are just a few of the notable questions on the GARS.

Stereotyped Behaviors

  1. Avoids establishing eye contact; looks away when eye contact is made.  Rosalie will purposefully look away or cover her eyes in order to avoid eye contact and responding to someone calling her name.

5.  Licks, tastes, or attempts to eat inedible objects (person’s hand, toys, books).  Rosalie is getting better, but compulsively chews on her fingers.  She used to chew on objects.

7.  Whirls; turns in circles.  She jumps and twirls when overstimulated.

9.  Rocks back and forth while seated or standing.  When seated at table.

10.  Makes rapid lunging, darting movements when moving from place to place.  Rapid darting usually ends in body slamming into people or objects.

12.  Makes high-pitched sounds or other vocalizations for self-stimulation.  Has always squealed – even in infancy.


17.  Repeats words or phrases over and over.  TV Please?  Apple Please?  Gramma’s house?  Gramma’s house?

18.  Speaks or signs with flat tone, affect, or dysrhythmic  patterns.

19.  Responds inappropriately to simple commands (“sit down”, “stand up”).

20.  Looks away or avoids looking at speaker when name is called.

21.  Does not ask for things she wants. Rosalie points or simply grabs what she wants – having to be prompted to verbally request items.

22.  Does not initiate conversations with peers or adults.

24.  Uses pronouns inappropriately (refers to self as he, you, she).  Go outside me?

25.  Uses the word “I” inappropriately. I wanwatch TV

27.  Uses gestures instead of speech or signs to obtain objects.

28.  Inappropriately answers question about a statement or brief story.

Social Interaction

29.  Avoids eye contact; looks away when someone looks at her.

30.  Stares or looks unhappy or unexcited when praised, humored, or entertained.  The blank look

31.  Resists physical contact from others.  Pulls away when hugged

32.  Does not imitate other people when imitation is required or desirable, such as in games or learning activities.  Such as ring around the rosie, simon says, mother may I.

33.  Withdraws, remains aloof, or acts standoffish in group situations.

37.  Laughs, giggles, or cries inappropriately.  Laughs when someone gets hurt.

38.  Uses toys inappropriately (spins toy cars, takes action heroes apart).

39.  Does certain things repetitively, ritualistically.  Hitting people in the car, swinging belt buckles

40.  Becomes upset when routines are changed.

41.  Responds negatively or with temper tantrums when given commands, requests, or directions.

42.  Lines up objects in precise, orderly fashion and becomes upset when the order is disturbed.


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