Praise the Lord and Pass the Meds…

We have finally got a medication that Julianna takes that makes such a HUGE difference in her life that not only can I tell (we mom’s can ALWAYS tell), but family members, teachers and even Julianna can tell that it is working.

A few days ago, she was in an awful tizzy about having to go to school.  Yelling, frustrated, slamming things around.  The kind of morning that puts PMS to shame.  Well, I said ‘come on lets go!’ to her because she was being a slowpoke (like usual).  She hollered out to me – “I HAD TO TAKE MY PILL, MOM!!!”  As in, she forgot to take it, and because she was so grouchy she remembered to take it.

That was the first time she admitted to me that she feels MUCH better when she takes her medicine and she feels different without it.  It used to be SUCH a struggle to get her to take the seizure medication.  She would fight me, spit it out, cry, gag, then finally choke it down and sometimes she would retch immediately afterwards.  It took her 11 years, but she finally learned how to swallow pills.  Like sudafed sized, mini m&m sized, pencil eraser sized pills.  Now she takes one small pill in the morning and she knows it helps with both her mood and her attention issues.

Dear Lord, when you created this world, we know that you created it perfect.  When Adam and Eve messed up and sin entered the world along with thorns and death (and pain in childbirth) so to entered the end of that perfection you had created.  DNA got mixed up, mold spores started creating allergic reactions, babies started being born blind and autistic, polar bear males started eating their cubs.  It’s a horrible thing.  But you gave men/women the knowledge to learn things.  And they learned how to create drugs that would counteract some of the effects of the human body’s breakdown.  Thank you for penicillin, anti-convulsant, thyroid, and anti-depressant medications.  Thank you for sending Jesus to heal our spirits.  Thank you for continuing to love us even though we keep pushing you away.  Thank you that we found a medication that Julianna feels more in control when she is taking it.  We know it isn’t the miracle cure, but it is helping her deal with life.  And that is a step in the right direction.  Thank you for blessing her.  Amen.


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