Professional Recommendation for Rosalie

RE: Rosalie

To Whom it May Concern:

I have been involved with the O(mitted) family for almost a year.  Rosalie has begun attending our school several months ago.  Rosalie is a mildly autistic girl who also suffers from epilepsy and has regular seizures varying in intensity.

Rosalie would benefit greatly from a service animal.  Most importantly, it could be trained to signal caregivers and school personnel when Rosalie is experiencing early seizure symptoms.  Since they often begin with staring episodes, it would give caregivers enough time to make sure Rosalie was in a place that she would not hurt herself if a seizure escaladed.

Rosalie also has a very hard time with transitions from home to school and from home to other activities like church or shopping.  If she was able to have a consistent companion of a service dog, I think she would transition easier.

Rosalie is a loving, kind child who would be a good candidate for a service animal.  Her family is extremely supportive and consistent.  They would assist with training and give good care to an animal.

Please feel free to contact our school for any additional information.


Name, title and school omitted for privacy


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