Professional Recommendation for Julianna

RE: Julianna O(mitted)

To Whom it May Concern:

Julianna has attended BA for over eight months.  There are many reasons I, as Julianna’s primary teacher, would recommend a service animal for Julianna.  First, she has a very hard time with transitioning.  Moving from home to school each day is a challenge for the family.  She takes a long time to acclimate to the classroom each day before fully participating in class.  An animal may help her to transition easier, as he/she would be a constant companion from place to place.

Julianna also has a hard time knowing where her body is within space and in relation to others.  She is quite clumsy and often has balance trouble.  A service animal may help her when transitioning from place to place and would also help give a buffer between her and others which would help her socially.

Julianna also has a hard time relating and understanding other students socially.  Unfortunately, this also leads to having less friends and not feeling comfortable in larger groups.  An animal may assist her by giving her a constant companion whom she would feel comfortable with.  Therefore, when she enters a new situation or a room full of people, she would have a companion to help her navigate the situation.

She also would benefit from the calming influence an animal would have.  Julianna shows many signs of anxiety, sometimes severe.  If she had a comforting animal to pet, she may reduce this anxiety.

Julianna comes from a loving, stable family.  They would be an excellent family to provide for a service animal.  Her parents take her therapy’s  and learning very seriously.  I know them to be people who would follow through with training and discipline this would require.

Please feel free to contact our school for any additional information.


Name, Title and School have been removed for privacy


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