Letter of Reference, LR

Here is just one of the personal letters of recommendation that was written for me by a friend of the family for the service dogs.  We were only required to have one, but we got 3!  Thank you, Lord for the blessings of good friends!

Dear Canine Assistants, Inc.

I love the work you are doing for people with disabilities.  My little friends Rosalie and Julianna are both struggling with autism.  When their mom told me she was going to apply for a dog to help with the autism and the seizures I thought that was a great idea!  I would like to recommend this family for your dogs.

Julianna was in my husbands Sunday school class a few years ago and we had a few discussions about the difficulties Julianna had in that type of setting.  She has also visited my house and I have seen firsthand how her communication difficulties caused problems when she plays with other kids.  I think she would definitely benefit from a dog to help her feel comfortable in those types of situations and to help people kind of give her grace when it comes to her social skills.  I just love Julianna, she is so sweet.

I call Cathleen every time I have dog questions.  She always has helpful answers.  I have seen how well they take care of animals.

I have known Rosalie since she was born.  I was there when the family went through all the medical turmoil when she was a baby, and when they got the epilepsy, and then finally the autism diagnosis.  A dog would truly be helpful for Rosalie.   My daughters babysit regularly for the family and it would be wonderful if they knew that a dog could help her manage the falling over and inability to stand up after the seizures.  Maybe a dog would help her run off all that extra energy!


name omitted for privacy reasons


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