Working on it…

Ever heard of Canine Assistants, Inc.?

Well, we have.  One of Rosalie’s very favorite tv shows is the “Through a Dog’s Eyes” video on PBS, which is an hour long show devoted to this wonderful non-profit organization.  They breed, raise and train dogs to assist people with disabilities.  Seizure response dogs, Autism support dogs, dogs who can do over 90 commands to assist wheelchair bound people.

This is the job I would love to have.  I used to be a dog person in my former life.  I raised, trained, bred, and showed dogs.  I love dogs.  I understand the emotional bond that people have for them, and the calming, reassuring presence that they bring to people.

I am currently attempting to apply for a seizure response/autism assistance dog for Rosalie.  And applying for an Autism Companion Dog for Julianna.

The application for each child is 6 full pages long.  There is a medical document that has to be signed by the primary physician, a letter of recommendation from both a professional who has worked with each girl, and a letter of recommendation for each girl from a non-family member.  Each child has to have a short biography which includes a current photo.

These dogs are expensive.  I wish we had the money to donate right now but we don’t.    Most people with autistic children go above and beyond for them – I am no different from the rest of the population in that respect.  I would give my left arm to help these girls, but when there isn’t enough money, there just isn’t enough money.  I have researched this service dog idea and this particular non-profit company will place dogs free of charge, with help from sponsors such as Milk-Bone.

I am waiting on a few recommendation letters, and the stupid hard drive that crashed eating up Julianna’s application to be fixed, and then I will send this package out.  I am so very excited – because I know how much each child’s life will significantly change when they have a dog of their own.  But the down side is that it will be 2 – 5 years on a waiting list.

Dear Lord, you know I don’t ever ask for patience any more.  Not after realizing that “ask and you shall receive” isn’t all about asking and you handing it to me on a silver platter.  No, it’s more like ask and you will give me trials and refining fire in order to craft me into a more patient person.  That’s just how it works.  So I’m not asking for patience in this matter.  I am asking that you help me wait with a pleasant spirit – remind me each day that your timing is perfect and that you have Rosalie, Julianna and our entire family’s best interest at heart…


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