Welcome to Girly Autism…

I am sure I’m not the only woman who has fond memories of innocent days spent playing those little girl games about who I was going to marry, how many kids I was going to have, and what car I was going to drive.  Do you remember those games?  You know – you were going to end up in a mansion with the man of your dreams?  Well, the life I envisioned was full of roses and warm fuzzies.  I was going to have tons of kids, drive a station wagon, and marry a man named Andy.  As amazing as it sounds I did, in fact, marry a man named Andy and I do have a ton of kids (7 to be exact).  That station wagon?  Well, those have gone out of vogue, so instead I drive a 15 passenger van!

This life I live isn’t a cookie cutter life – one that mirrors everyone else’s well planned and picture perfect lives.

This life I live is a day by day up to the minute battle between God’s word and my selfish desires, good and evil, right and wrong, want and need, neuro-typical and autistic spectrum quirks.

I would love to say that it is a cake walk.  That I’m a Christian, Jesus is my Savior, I’m washed clean and the Holy Spirit lives inside of me and that makes my life fabulous, fulfilled and perfect.  I just wouldn’t be telling the truth.  My life is HARD!  But you know what?  Jesus is with me every step of the way – and that makes all the difference in the world!

I am the mother of 7 very unique children.  Very unique…

Julianna is my oldest.  She is my firstborn ‘autism spectrum disorder’ child.  She was diagnosed at 6 with Epilepsy and at 7 with Auditory Processing Disorder.  At 12 she was finally diagnosed with PDD-NOS (which they say is an atypical presentation of Autism) and ADHD (inattentive and impulsive type).

Rosalie is my third oldest.  She had apnea 12 hours after she was born.  She was in the hospital multiple times as an infant.  She has had every test known to man, and when she was 2 she was diagnosed with PDD-NOS and Epilepsy, as well as microcephaly and encepholpathy.  At 7, she was re-diagnosed with classical Autism.

My other children are considered “neuro-typical” but they certainly are not typical!   They have grown up with their unique sisters on the spectrum, which has been both a challenge and a reward.  It is a struggle and a joy every day.

Girly Autism is my attempt to put in writing the everyday challenges and triumphs that I am going through.  I am honest, sometimes brutally so.  I will write it like I see it.  I’m in the trenches today, and for many years to come.  This is my way of decompressing and of sharing my frustrations.   I would love it if anyone out there in the world could be touched, encouraged, or even amused at my lack of perfection – but mostly this my cathartic venture – to get it all out in order to make more sense of things.

One out of 110 children is diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder.  One out of every 4 children on the spectrum is a girl.  Our family is a minority within a minority – two girls on the Autism spectrum.  This is what Girly Autism is all about.

My girls.

My Autistic girls.

Welcome to Girly Autism…


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