What is Hate?

I asked the kids if they know what hate is. My older ones rolled their eyes and sneered. Evelyn said “when someone doesn’t want to play with you or let you play with them because they’re too grown up”. Then she said that Katherine and Julianna hate her. And she hates Rosalie. What do you say to that?

I said God hates sin but loves the sinner. We can be good people but still make bad choices. We can choose to love even when we don’t feel love in our hearts. That’s when I had to send one of my older kids to their room for their snarly comments. Why is life so hard some days? Why can’t they just get along for once? Of course the entire time ‘m having this 2 minute conversation Rosalie is throwing things at people, screaming, poking people, and doing VERY annoying things that irritate absolutely everyone.


…and so begins my day


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