June 23, 2010 by eisme


Being stuck in a small doctors office (neurologist) with Julianna and Rosalie is SO NOT FUN! They are constantly at each others throats … and smacking and spitting and screaming the whole time!  I had to physically restrain Rosalie from hitting Julianna (playfully, but MAN what a provoking she can give…)  Then I had to practically sit on her to get her to stop grabbing everything in the room and throwing it (again, attention seeking behavior due to serious boredom).

Then, two minutes until we had to go, they started having fun together and got really frustrated when I told them it was time to leave…

Doc says that the 24 hour EEG, the MRI (where they had to anesthetize her to do the contrast material and get her to sit still) and the blood tests show that Rosalie has nothing wrong with her physically.  Of course that doesn’t explain the seizures…

Doc says that although Julianna has been weaned off her meds, her EEG’s still remain abnormal.  He is cautiously optimistic that she might be outgrowing her seizures, but he’s following her closely.

Calgon, please take me away before the guys in the nice white jackets do!


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