ok, so I got misty-eyed

March 24, 2010 by eisme

I had to get a referral for speech and occupational therapy from Julianna’s doc. Her sensory issues interfere with her every day life. If a seam in her sock isn’t smooth enough, it irritates her all day. She doesn’t have the manual dexterity to floss her teeth. She gags on food making her limit her diet. She gets overwhelmed at stores because of the noises. Yes, she looks like every other kid on the block, but she can’t have a typical back and forth conversation with her friends. It is causing daily struggles for her. If therapy can help, bring it on!

“when you feel a big fat hairy spider crawling up your arm, you FREAK!” That’s what people with autism and sensory disorders do – they are minding their own business when someone jokingly flicks water at them – they FREAK. They are watching tv and it suddenly turns off – they have a melt-down. Someone brushes past them and they feel that sensation that sends them into total panic. They rage over seemingly small things. Their hands got sticky from the syrup so they throw their chair, scream and run down the hall knocking stuff off the walls.

…ok, so I got misty-eyed. Is that close enough to crying?

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perseverate (per-SEV-uh-reyt)

March 24, 2010 by eisme

perseverate (per-SEV-uh-reyt):
to repeat something insistently or redundantly.

Most common – May I eat apple now? May I play Wii Fit Plus I get home? Where we going? and perseveration on TIME – what time is the appointment, when are we leaving, what time is it now, are we going to be late, what time is it NOW, ect…

Of course Rosalie could care less about the time. And Julianna wouldn’t eat an apple if you paid her. That’s what is so funny – they both have the repetitive tendencies, thank the good Lord that they don’t both bombard me with the same exact thing over and over :) I love their uniqueness. I also love that Rosalie obsesses over apples – I mean, she could crave sweets or potato chips or paint chips…

Caren:  Good point. I watched the video from Joni & Friends – I love that there are others out there who have been unfairly and mistakenly (ignorantly?) judged (like you) for being a bad mom or bad disciplinarian. That sounds bad, I know, but isn’t it a little bit easier when you know you are not the only one?

Cathleen:  I watched the second one – there was a single mom who had NEVER been offered any help from her church. Her other children were embarrassed when the autistic child interrupted church. I could so identify with her – the sadness that her children felt such embarrassment, her sadness that the church wasn’t helpful, her sadness at being alone. I’m … very blessed to have a church that doesn’t care if my kids interrupt. A church where the pastor will come over and minister to us where we live, and even get a caring member to help de-escalate a melt-down situation during his sermon.

I have felt judged before. People are well-meaning usually. I do not hold it against them. I know that I can only do so much. I have to pick and choose the issues I can deal with. There is only so much daylight, only one of me, and 7 little people who need my attention. If that means that I choose not to fight the “GET IN THE SHOWER” issue or let Rosalie eat 5 apples in a row one day so be it.


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