Setup:  Rosalie has an MRI at 10am tomorrow, Andy is out of town, and I need Rosalie to stay up kinda late so she can eat something before midnight so she’s not so hungry in the morning.  I asked Auntie E if she’d take Rosalie.  She said yes.  Then it occurred to us that perhaps having Peter, the Night Roamer, stay up late to potentially sleep through the night would be a good thing.  Rosalie knew she was going to Auntie E’s but we didn’t decide Peter would go until it was time to leave.

Rosalie: “NO! You not coming Peter!”
Auntie E: “yes, he is coming”
Rosalie: “NO! I no like boys!”

She was just upset because she wanted to go to Auntie E’s house by herself without her siblings. Alas, sometimes we can’t get what we want.

She also thought that Shania was here… She REALLY misses Shania.

She didn’t say anything about her (tonight anyway).  She asks about Ni just about every day.  She doesn’t understand that she has a home in Ohio too.

No sooner than they arrived at Auntie E’s than she bolted out of the car, threw open the front door and yelled, “sniah! sniah where are you?!”


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