I play Wii now?

We’ve hit a bump in the road. Rosalie was getting past the repetitive speech, well sort of.  She would do it in the car mostly.  But since summer started and the seizures started up again it is back with a vengance.  You think you can handle, “I play Wii now?” “no” “I play Wii now?” “no, after dinner” “I play Wii now?” all day long?

I’ve got some really cool babysitters.  They haven’t quit yet, even after hearing the same thing over and over their entire shift.  I remember 4 years ago driving in the car for 45 minutes and hearing “I play park now?” the entire time.  Almost without a pause to take a breath. We’re almost back to that. Sigh. two steps forward one step back.  God has given me much grace to deal with it though.


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