Autism Awareness Month Posts


April 9, 2010 by eisme


From ‘Rain Man’ savants to the quirky kids that have a few issues. Flapping, squealing, jumping, repetitive speech, repetitive speech, repetitive speech, s

imple innocence, an uncomplicated life (if everyone else would just follow their schedule to the milli-second), predictable, raging meltdowns, sensitivities. Autistic children are all like butterflies – mysterious and complicated, yet beautiful in their own special way.

Bonnie:  repetitive speach

Eileen:  you do realize some of that description fits me whilst PMSing… :D

Me:  yeah, it fits me and caren too… Bits! I hate Bits! – I’m goin to engrave it on her tombstone… my solution – wear socks (inside out) so you can’t feel those bits of stuff on the floor…or just get carpet ;)

Caren:  Hahahahahahahaha!!!!! By the way, I hate bits on my socks, too. (and I have a carpeted kitchen – probably the most vacuumed floor in the house)!

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Sensory Issues

April 9, 2010 by eisme


Sensory issues: people on the autistic spectrum have sensory issues. Absolute melt-downs occur at the end of the school day because it took all her energy today to ignore the seam in the toe of the sock that she’s been wearing.

Eileen:  This reminded me of that: “Nobody realizes that some people expend tremendous energy merely to be normal.” ~Albert Camus

Rebekah:  Wear the sock inside out… :)

Me:  yeah, we’ve been wearing socks inside out for years around here. The sounds that some have to filter out just to think or pay attention, the seam on the inside of the pants leg or around the waist, the wrinkle in the sheet that we just can’t sleep on (to my sister the princess), or even the bits underfoot or the wind blowing on our arm hairs that cause a burning fire in our skin. These are just a few of the obstacles we face each day. Not to mention the B-I-G one of hating the feeling of water on the skin (makes showers, hair washing, teeth brushing, drying off after bathing or swimming and even being outside in the sticky weather a severe challenge.

Shely:  whatever!! i HATE that darn seam! (ask my mom!) at least she ignored it at school! heheh…eventually i took scissors to it..i guess its theres for a reason.


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